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Android phones are continuously growing, Google is coming out with something new right and left and is shipping out nearly 60,000 phones to sellers and customers every day. Android is known for having a huge App marketplace where you can purchase & download games and features to add to your phone. Some online casinos are now offering Android casinos to be purchased through the app store but for the most part in the United States, most of the time players will access the casino of their choice which will re-direct them to their mobile website for the ultimate game optimization for the specific device a player is using.

Android casinos are very similar to online casinos however the game selection and quality may be limited due to being on a mobile device. Some Android casinos have special enhancements for sound & video that online casinos do not offer which is a nice perk. Players more than likely will access a casino that has more than 125 different choices in terms of games on the website, but offers around 25 different games on a hand held device such as a smart phone or a tablet. In this case, this is more than enough games for a player to find one that is perfect for those times where they are on the go. Another method to playing online via your Android is a mobile casino where you can access the sites through your browser where you wouldn’t need to download anything you would just play from your phone however you would need to sign in every time you visited the site and run the risk of your information being compromised this way.

There are several different reasons why a player would prefer to play at a mobile casino instead of a land based casino or a typical online casino. Mobile casinos offer great graphics and usability on Android online casino apps. The experience is not far limited from the computer to a mobile device as players will be able to take their gaming with them no matter where they are which serves as a big perk. Players are eligible to use their casino gaming through their browser any time, any place as long as they have an internet connection or WiFi.