Best Live Dealer Casinos

Looking for the best live dealer casinos? Below is a list of our favorite online casino with live dealers. Bet Online is one of the few live dealer casinos that accepts USA players.

Live Dealer Casinos are an innovative way to bridge the gap between online casinos and land-based casinos. For some, it is still amazing that players can find gaming choices online that feels so similar to those found in land-based casinos. The difference between the two boils down to one major aspect; The social part of casino gaming. Some players head out to the casino to earn some cash, meet new people and grab a bite to eat, while others head to their game of choice for no-nonsense gameplay or hopes of striking it rich by winning a major jackpot. Live Dealer Casinos attempt to bridges the gap between the social aspect of visiting your local casino and the gameplay of an online casino!

While many land-based casinos are switching over to electronic dealers, online casinos are making the move to incorporate a more realistic approach to its gaming styles. Since Live Dealer Casinos are some of the newest forms of online gaming, there are a limited number of live dealer table games available, however; as they catch on more and more casinos will offer a wider verity of live dealer gaming options.

Below are a few of our best Live Dealer Casinos, you may visit one below or keep reading for more information on Live Dealer Casinos.

What are Live Dealer Casinos?

Live Dealer Casinos are the latest offering of technology for online casino players. The difference between Live Dealer Casinos and regular casino games is the ability to actually see and hear the dealer live on the screen. Some may ask how is this possible? It’s simple. Webcams are placed within the gaming room with the dealer, the table and sometimes other players who are joining in on the gaming action at a land based casino or card room. Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette are the only three options available at this time for players because the makers of these games are waiting to see how well players adapt to them.

Why Live Dealer Casinos?
The ultimate goal for online casino companies is to provide a realistic gaming experience. The more realistic, the better. Players who come to online casinos typically prefer them over land based casinos because they are more driven by the monetary rewards vs. a social environment. This doesn’t mean they should lose out on a realistic experience. So the makers of casino software are now finding ways to incorporate real touches into their gaming choices. Live Dealer Casinos in online casinos are actually creating an advantage for players as many land based casinos are switching over to video blackjack and video roulette so it makes sense to find these games here.

Live Dealer Casinos VS. Land Based Casinos
Land-based casinos will offer players a gaming environment with hundreds of options. The sad part is that many land-based casinos are shutting out their dealers and are slowly bringing in casino gaming choices that are fully electronic. We’ve seen many roulette tables like this, however; blackjack gaming styles are now reaching these styles too. Online gaming has been available since 1994 however; this is the first style of software which allows players to see, hear and sometimes interact with their dealer.

Finding Live Dealer Casinos
Live Dealer Casinos are not offered in all online casinos because they are a new gaming feature. For the most part, players will have Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette choices for now. Very few casinos will offer Sic Bo and Table Poker but it is a start. The way this type of gaming is able to operate is with the use of webcam technology. Within a card room or poker room at a casino, there will be a dealer, a table, the necessary tools for gameplay and a webcam. Sometimes the live streaming webcam will be placed with a live game where players online will be able to see the action and play along with their computer.

Live Dealer Casino Perks
Since many land-based casinos are straying away from live dealers, this is a good way for players to continue their gaming approach without having to lose the personal touch of a real dealer. Other perks include better promotions and bonuses. Since the beginning of online gaming, players have witnessed much higher payouts and bonuses put forth by online casinos mainly due to the lack of overhead costs to operate these casinos. In land-based casinos, players will see eateries, bars, clubs and even hotels which the casinos fund.

Live Dealer Casino Games Pros and Cons

Live dealer games are all the rage these days on the online gambling scene. If you are eager to try out playing roulette, poker, or blackjack with a live dealer, then you should know first the pros and cons of this trendy feature. 

The beauty of having to deal with a live dealer during a game is having a real person communicate with you. The live interaction will make you feel at ease while you devise a strategy for your next move. Playing live dealer casino games also brings you real-time excitement within the confines of your home. Hence, you don’t need to suit up for the occasion. You can dress down and wager the night away to your heart’s content. 

On the other hand, live dealer casino games also have a downside. Because this feature is expensive to run, companies don’t offer a free mode for novice players. Moreover, because the game is happening live, players don’t get to decide on the pace of their bets just like how they do when playing simulated casino games. Thus, you are only given limited time to come up with wagering strategies and place your bets.

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Live Dealer Casino Choices
There are several different companies who offer Live Dealer Casinos. This gaming feature is available to both Mac and PC users because they typically come in a no-download format which operates right through the browser window. Some casinos will even offer players the ability to interact with their dealer without the use of a webcam on their end. When selecting a live dealer casino you will see options and selections to where you will be able to pick your dealer based on the game you are playing. Some casinos will even offer themed dealers such as playboy bunnies, males, females and other options too.