Is online gambling safe?

Yes, absolutely. If you use legitimate gambling sites, sure. It is becoming harder to tell the difference between both the legitimate and the scammy ones in this time and age as scammers find more and more ways to bend the rules and part you from your hard earned money.

There are a few good ways to find out if the website you’re on is legitimate or not. The first huge tell is if it’s a well established gambling brand. Usually if it’s a brand that you can see when you are downtown then you’ll be safe as houses and I’ll tell you why later in this article.

I’d also be checking for reviews. A great way to test out an online casino is what their customers have to say about them. You can easily find this out by typing in google the casino name then review afterwards. Look for more positive than negative because with gambling there are always going to be unhappy people that have lost at some point.

I’d also have a browse around their social media links. It’s a great way to connect with fans and spread the word about their business around the world a bit. Look out for people complaining on their social media sites. Also check out the length of time they have been listed for, or even if they’re listed at all. I’m usually really sceptical of any business that doesn’t have a social media page. But DO check for what people say. A great way to test out a place that’s running away with other people’s money is lots of unanswered angry messages.

Domain age is also a great one. Well established casinos have been trading online for years and their domain age is likely to reflect that. If it was set up only a few weeks ago then that should perhaps ring alarm bells in your head. Or even if the domain age doesn’t match the established brand – it could be that they are fraudulently impersonating them. You never know.

Support is actually another great part to check. Well established and legitimate casinos always have top tier customer support. So, if you feel like you’ve been helped through the support section then that’s a good hint as to the service you’ll be getting inside.

All in all, legitimate gambling establishments operate under strict rules since they are dealing with people’s money. Because of this if they were to be caught breaking these laws they could find themselves with some lengthy fines and possibly some jail time. Online gambling is a very profitable sector to have a business in, there’s no sense in running a scam and risk being caught for the penalties that it could bring them.

So online gambling is pretty safe when using the right places. Going with well respected brands is definitely a safe bet. That’s not to say that you’re safe from losing all your money though. Gambling is still a very high risk adventure. You could still lose it. But if you win you’ll definitely receive the money that you’ve won.