New Licensing laws in the UK and The Effects on Players

As you may know, as of November 2014 a new law has gone into effect in regards to the online gaming industry in the United Kingdom. The country will now require all casinos to hold licensing in order to operate within the country. This means that some of the casinos who choose against becoming licensed will soon be unable to offer their gaming services to players within the United Kingdom. As it stands it seems as though the new law has just recently started to affect UK players.

Is Neteller Blocking Transactions?

As of July 10th it seems as though the popular payment company Neteller has been blocking payments to casinos that are not licensed within the UK. There has not been an official announcement about this but it has been made well aware of by the players in the online gambling community, within several casino forums. Players have stated that they have been unable to deposit or withdrawal to their Neteller accounts. At this time players are still able to use other deposit and withdrawal methods at both licensed and un-licensed casinos, but they may want to play it safe and move their funds to one of several licensed UK casinos soon.

From contacting Neteller’s live support, they were able to confirm that both withdrawals and deposits are being blocked to and from unlicensed casinos. This might deter players from using many online casinos however, this has no bearing on whether or not a casino is reputable since this is a relatively new law that only comes down to the politics behind the scenes.

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