If you enjoy sports why not place a bet on your favourite team?

Gambling on your favourite team to win isn’t something new. In fact, betting on your favourite team to win has been an element of organised crime for as long as humans have been living in communities and several men figured out that they could bully others with brute force.

Since the rise of regulations and a safety net for regular people like us we have seen the rise of institutional gambling. I don’t even know if it’s a word. It’s something I call it personally. But, basically, it’s the rise of betting and gambling as a business and not attached to any criminal element. Which means you and I can bet and gamble safely; without the risk of being scammed, and from the safety of our own homes.

Most of the sportsbooks I play on are widening their nets on what I can bet on, which is really exciting. A couple of weeks ago I bet on my favourite player to score two goals, and I won $200. Amazing, right? Well, I won’t talk about the other bets that I lost at the same time, haha.

But yes, since the rise of institutional gambling and the internet, sportsbooks are getting wider and wider. You don’t need to look far anymore before you realise that you can bet on just about any outcome on an NHL, or football game. The options are endless.

Of course, I’m sure there would be a private bookie that would take on a bet for just about anything, but whether or not it would be legal or not is another story. With sportsbook you can sit safe knowing that all your bets are legal and will be honoured if won (if you’re playing legally yourself of course).

There’s nothing more exciting than having a bet on your favourite sports team to win, or your favourite goal scorer to score. It just adds that extra layer of excitement. But don’t get me wrong there are so many other sports you can bet on. Horse racing is a big one.

Horse racing is big money. You can often see horses and their riders move odds quite often before the race starts. It’s a good idea to get in well before the race starts because this is when odds are the best – the odds change favourably or unfavourably as the updated news comes in on the health of the horse every few minutes. Big money in horses.

But if you’re not a horse fan, or even a football fan then you could try your hand at e-sports. Confused? Perhaps you are. Yes, you can have a sneaky gamble on the best e-sports team to win in whatever battle they are engaged with at that time. Esports is a division of computing where players battle one another at popular games. It’s a risk, but it’s also exciting.

Failing that you can throw your arms up in the air and bet on tennis or golf. Bet on winners. Who’s going to win the open this year? Or Wimbledon? These are all tasty bets to get in early before the odds start changing.

There is so much fun and excitement to be had at the sports book you should definitely try it.