How do you beat online slots?

First of all, if you’re looking to scam the slots then I’d advise against it. Doing so can get you a steep fine, and perhaps even some prison time depending how far the casino wants to take it. And if you’re scamming the wrong casino with people that are running things from the wrong side of the law, then you’re going to have a bad time. Honestly, it’s not worth it. I’ve watched enough films like Scorcese’s Casino to understand that it’s probably a bad idea in truth.

But there is a way to beat the slots legally without finding yourself at the bottom of a harbour wearing concrete boots.

You see, slots aren’t designed to give out more than they take in. In fact, they are solely designed to take in money. That way the casino is able to take in a revenue. Think of it from a business perspective. The casino has electricity, heat, room, and staff to pay for as well as make a profit. How does it do that? Well, you. You play at the casino and it takes your money.

I mean that’s an overly simplistic way of explaining the business ins and outs of a casino. It pays out regularly too. The trick is how to spot these things and how to play with a head on your shoulders, rather than just throwing your money at anything.

#1 Never play with what you can’t afford to lose

The fastest way to losing at slots is taking money that usually has to be used for something else and essentially “borrowing” it to win some more. It’s a trap that I used to fall into when I was younger and one that never ever worked out well for me. What if you lose 20% of what you had? You’d be more eager to spend more to try and win it back. And what if you don’t win it back? You’re screwed then. Spending money that you don’t have is the fastest way to poor decision making and emotional gambling. Not the way to go.

#2 Know when to walk away

Just not your day? Yeah, we all have them. Sometimes whatever we play isn’t going to work for us and that’s just the way it is. We’re down, and if we stay any longer we’ll probably lose more, or whatever we had to begin with. Be one step ahead of the game and know when to call it a day.

#3 Asses your win to lose ratio

Slots that are paying out generally don’t just give you one win and that’s it. When they are in a payout cycle they will give you a streak of wins with one big win somewhere in the middle. You can tell this by how much you are down in money versus how much you have won back. If you’re better off than when you started then it’s probably time to walk away and play something else. It’s the tactic I use, and it’s served me well. Play slots in short win spurts. Don’t sit there all the time or they will eat up all of your money.