Have you tried the insane potential winnings of the sportsbook?

There’s a reason that most of the “win at gambling” eBooks are directed towards the sportsbook. And that’s because it’s not set like the slots are. If you are familiar with the slots, then you’ll understand that they are set to pay out and take in a percentage of the pot. There is no “beating” the slots. You’ll take what you’re given and that’s it.

But with sportsbook there’s a whole wide arena of randomness to stab at the dark in. The business model in the Sportsbook works a bit like this: They will always take in more than they give out because there’s always going to be an opportunity to bet on losing stakes. It’s simple math. Most of the sportsbook bets go to the casino pot because out of 10 winners there’s probably 1000 losers. Think horse races with 20 horses racing and only 1 winner – see the picture?

But that’s the whole risk with gambling. It’s exciting because it’s risky.

And when the risk goes up, as does the potential to win. If you were to bet say £100 on a team and they came at 2/1 then you’d win $200 plus your stake back. So, you would start with $100 and now you have $300. And there’s no real limit on how much you can bet. The risk is up to you.

Stakes differ on difficulty though. Teams that are far better than others bring in poor odds. Also, sometimes it’s fun to bet 100-1 on the underdog but usually it’s 100-1 for a reason. The more insane the risk, the higher the odds, but also are your chances of realistically winning – so keep betting sensible.

I’ll admit that I’ve won more on sportsbook betting than I ever have on the slots. Plus, I’m likely to get more free bets from the casino to entice me back to have a cheeky little gamble. Sometimes I can bet on five teams and three of them will come in and my profit will be far more that night than I would have ever made on the slots if I won there too.

However, don’t take this as a sure thing. With sportsbook the potential to lose too. It’s not all plain sailing. If you really want to get into it then do your due diligence. For instance sometimes you can just feel that a smaller team will beat a bigger team based on their previous matches, current form and so on (if you know the teams well) and you can bet against the online casino – and boom. Profits.

That’s why I recommend keeping an eye out on forms of teams, win streaks, home turf games, and so many other factors. It’s not an exact science of course but sometimes you can come in a good one or two wins in a day if the bookmakers odds are poor – and they will certainly get better if your team starts to win, so make sure you avoid in game matches if you’re looking to take full profit.

There are some people that make careers of studying sports teams to bet against the online bookies. Make sure you watch out for them and keep an eye out for these people, because they are around, and they frequently share their tips.