FUN FACT: The chances of winning one of the RTG Real Series Slot Random Jackpots is approximately 1 in 300,000 per $1 bet on each spin.

Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee – Lucky Red Casino

This slot machine is another good one that I have found to pay pretty much the same when visiting different accredited casinos. I happened to get lucky while logged into Lucky Red Casino this day and I always try to start my session on the type of slots that have a the RTG “Feature Guarantee”. It is basically a great way to get a bonus round awarded to you even if the scatter symbols don’t fall during your normal game play. It is inspired by exotic Aztec treasures, trinkets and beautiful people. The Wild Aztec King symbol can appear in any space on the reels to turn your payline into a winning combination but what got me up by $250 in one $1 bet spin was that the Aztec King fell on the entire 1st and 3rd reel. On the 2nd and 5th reel was a witch doctor’s mask. The Aztec’s Treasure slot only has 20 pay lines compared to some others that have as many as 50. Aztec’s Treasure is definitely one of those games that may seem slow to start but since you can bet as low as $0.20 a spin, you probably won’t hurt yourself if playing correctly. Another reason why I always have liked this game was that it is usually a Progressive slot that has a random jackpot up into the thousands and can be won on any bet amount. Hopefully I can come back one day and report that I finally got that random jackpot!

Spirit Of The Inca – SlotoCash Casino

This is another slot game that some may get bored with if they don’t notice some decent winnings right away. I associate this with the fact that this machine only has 25 pay lines which sometimes make it seems like your winnings are not as often as when playing a 50 payline machine. However, after playing this machine for a while I have noticed that yes, it doesn’t pay out often but when it does, you are still ahead most of the time. It is also one of those games that is hard to catch a bonus on but when you do, you better watch out! It is almost as if the machine feels bad for not giving you any real money during normal game play and tries to make up for it during the free spin round. I was lucky enough to leave this game while on SlotoCash in the mid $300 range. This was one of the first games that allowed me the ability to cash out my winnings at one point. You will also find this game on most casino sites listed as a Progressive game because it features 5 different jackpot progressive levels ranging from “mini” to “grand”. I have seen the grand jackpot clock in at a little less than half a million dollars too! I don’t know what I would do if I won that kind of money online but I will keep trying because I have read the stories of it being done.

Final Thoughts

Just because an online casino has access to RTG games that you love, the casino itself may not have the best reputation. They also may have been blacklisted in the online community or simply deemed unreliable with payouts. You can’t place the blame on the actual game maker in RTG because at the end of the day, they simply create the games that we as the consumer love to play. They can’t police every single operator that purchases a license from them. It is up to you as a responsible player to do your research, be smart with your money and put it where you experience the best return rate.