FUN FACT: Over 70% Of Casino Profits Come From Slot Machines

Walk into any casino and take a look around the gaming floor, what do you see? Mostly slots, and at every turn, more slots. This is due to the fact that hands down, slots are the most popular casino games that are available to players. While Blackjack has the highest odds of winning, slots come in fun themes that speak to a wider audience of players. The varities of slots come with just about something for everyone, anywhere and this is very appealing to those who are intimidated by the casino overall.

Along with land based casinos, online casinos too favor slot machines. Players can sit at their computer and actively participate in the games or they can set up an auto-play campaign which will allow the players to completely step away from their computer. There are similar options available in land based casinos too however, players won’t be able to leave the game like they can with online gaming. Here is a look at why players tend to play slots more than other casino games.

1) The game cannot be tricked, there are no ways to cheat and players for the most part can sit back and relax while the random number generators make them (or the guy next to them) a winner. players take some solace in the randomness of the game and that the casinos cannot alter the game’s choice for a true winner by any means.

2) One arm bandits (a cheeky name for the slot machine) require little to no thought. Players can simply press a button and continue with a full conversation, cigarette, drink or even dinner. This is appealing to players who want to leave the house but really don’t want to get into anything that takes a whole lot of attention or demand.

3) In casinos today, the slot machines can play music, have wild graphics (some even in 3D) and even vibrate the chair that a player is seated in. This makes for a whole new experience, different from anything else that is available in the world of entertainment for adults.

4) Players are completely in control of the outcome of the game. Well partially, some players feel as though the dealer may imact how other outcomes land. With slots, the player will be the one who chooses what happens next and so therefore, players feel like they have more control over the game than when they are playing against a dealer.

5) Online slots are popular to players because they don’t have any kind of a demand. Players can simply sign up for an account, make a deposit and from there they can set up the auto play feature. This allows the player to completely walk away from their computer without managing the game whatsoever. With the autoplay feature, players can tell the game when to stop such as when their balance gets to low, they’ve won a regular spin or when they’ve won a jackpot.

Slots are responsible for bringing in over 70% of the gaming revenue from land based casinos as well as online casinos. Most of the time, regular slot games will keep 2% of the player’s deposit. With progressives, that amount jumps to around 15%. While this isn’t a great thing for the players who lose, those who win end up taking home five or six digit winnings whic
h can be life changing and worth the risk.