Fun Facts About Online Bingo Statistics

Bingo is a very popular game, while many believe the stereotypes which are often comical, there is much more to the game than a couple of old folks in a hall smoking while listening to numbers being called. Online bingo is much more than that and players use it as a form of entertainment on a comfortable night in. The first online Bingo site was opened and went online in 1998. Since it’s launch, the Bingo casinos have conjured up some other statistics that are worth believing.

When it comes to Online Bingo, players who traditionally gravitate toward it are those who are between the ages of 25 and 50 years old. The UK makes up for the younger amount of players as most of their players are between the age of 18 and 30. Since the game is of classic nature, there are a good amount of players who are senior citizens, but not as you would expect like with the land based Bingo Halls.

One of the reasons the younger crowd takes over when it comes to popularity is due to the fact that senior citizens are not online as often, they also have a strong distrust for the electronic technology and financial handling that are available online casino websites. Younger players typically have more trust in various websites and give out their debit card numbers more frequently.

Another statistic not known to many is the social networking potential of online bingo halls. Players will have the ability to talk to other players via chat rooms. With the ability to chat online, the players are more likely to return to rooms that they like or have made connections in. The players can talk about anything and each bingo room has different players to talk to. The statistics show that there are approximately 50 million people playing online bingo daily. The chat features with online bingo will help players have more of an in-touch experience but from home so it’s the best of both worlds.

Many of the studies pertaining to online bingo have shown that more than 80% of players are multi-tasking during game play. This is wonderful for players because in land based bingo halls, players won’t have the ability to partake in any other activities and in some, the players aren’t able to even talk to one another in person at the risk that some of the other players might be disrupted.

Online bingo is primarily found at dedicated websites that showcase their bingo styles. In addition to bingo games, some of those sites will also have casino games which include the likes of slots and some table games. On the other side of things, very few casinos will offer bingo. For the most part, bingo players will deposit less money and this could be a factor or the explanation as to why the casinos don’t offer bingo upfront.