Fun Fact: Nearly All USA Friendly Online Casinos Now Accept Bitcoin

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, chances are you’ve already heard of Bitcoin and how it works. You might have even heard your friends talking about it too – that is because Bitcoin is a revolutionary piece of technology that is connecting the world behind the scenes in an innovative way. Moving the world forward, you have a totally separate monetary system that utilizes blockchain technology to help keep your transactions private and secure, without the use of a traditional bank.

The use of Bitcoin for Online Casinos

Online casinos on their own, offer a unique form of entertainment from home. In today’s world, I can see how it really came in handy for those who were unable to, or unwilling to leave their homes. Online casinos run off of software that brings hundreds of games to your fingertips with just a few clicks of a mouse. All you need is an internet connection and some sort of device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. Some might wonder how the funds are sent to the casino in the first place in order to be played with.

In the beginning, players like me could use options such as credit cards, and eWallets for their initial deposits, but for the withdrawal portion of the experience, they would be referred to using paper checks sent through the mail, or bank wires. Neither of these options operated very quickly and both utilized the player’s personal banking information. One of the things we as players began to see was our banks blocking the transactions, and this gave me an uneasy feeling. Why was my bank closing my account when I was having money put into it?

The Implementation of Bitcoin

In 2018, we started to see our deposit and withdrawal options changing, and at one point.. There were no options for USA online casino players to utilize, until Bitcoin was adopted by the casinos for our transactions. Now, Bitcoin is widely available at most of the USA online casinos. A simple search for Bitcoin Casinos will bring up a variety of different options that are available. Each casino is different and offers a variety of promotions, a lot of them even have specific promotions that give you a little bit more money to play with if you choose to deposit using a form of cryptocurrency.

Privacy is Key

An underlying concern is almost always who you give your banking information to and for some of us.. We’ve experienced that headache of using our debit card at a fuel station, only to find out that the card was skimmed. Bitcoin combats all of that because the casino never has access to your personal financial information, and the address that you use to send the funds is only an outgoing address. Your incoming transaction address for withdrawals is totally separate and can only accept money into the account. In addition to fighting the issue of giving out your personal information, you also don’t have the issue of worrying about your bank deciding to close your account because you had activity from an online casino. When funding your wallet, you may use your banking information through a highly encrypted 3rd party site of your choice, these sites are better equipped than banks and don’t discriminate.

Instant Payouts

I have played with online casinos myself where I was waiting weeks for my winnings to be sent to me. After I finally received the check, I then had to go to a bank branch, when they were open to cash or deposit the check and this ended up being an ordeal, so when Bitcoin was implemented, I found myself cashing out more often. The Bitcoin network is up and running day and night, weekends and holidays. Your best bet is to find an online casino that also has staff available 24/7 so that when you click the cashout button, your funds are deposited instantly. There are many casinos online that do process transactions right away, others on the other hand, while they are still great casinos – they do take some time to verify a player’s transaction and then send out the funds, and in these cases the Bitcoin part of the transaction is instant, but it is the verification process that tends to take a little bit longer (usually about a day or two.)

So, is a Bitcoin Casino the Right Choice for You?

In most cases, you have other deposit and withdrawal options available, but after using Bitcoin myself, I’ve made the switch and I typically look for casinos that have that as an option. I like this method of making deposits and requesting withdrawals because it makes the most sense to me as far as privacy and how fast the payments are sent to me.