FUN FACT: All RTG Real Series slots (except progressives) have an Instant Jackpot of $1000+ which can be won at random playing any bet amount.

Naughty or Nice Slot Machine – Grand Fortune Casino

One of my earliest big wins was on the “Naughty or Nice” slot machine. There is also a “Naughty or Nice Spring Break” version of this game but my big win came on the original. This is a Christmas-themed slot and I won in the summer months so don’t be hesitant to load this game up at any time in the year. The game is centered around two female elves who are naughty and nice with the clothing to match. The brunette is the bad elf and the blonde is the good elf and landing them on a winning payline will turn them wild. Some other nice paying symbols are Santa Claus and Mrs Claus (who is a little upset that Santa is chasing after these bikini elves). This slot on Grand Fortune Casino is one of my favorites because it always keeps me winning just enough to keep playing on the casino’s money. It wasn’t until my second bonus round that day that I was able to turn my bankroll of approximately $86 into a bonus round win of $318. I kept playing for about 30 minutes longer and still left the game with a little under $300. When you get the scatter features to trigger the bonus round, you can choose either elf to be on your side. When that particular elf falls during the free spins, you will either get a generous multiplier or an extra free spin. This was the main reason why it paid me so well. Very cool!

Bubble Bubble – Raging Bull Casino & Grand Fortune Casino

I love this witch-themed slot game because of the wild witch symbol that land occasionally on the middle reel. If she lines up with the right symbols, she will expand to fill the entire reel making for a nice payout. She is a sexy witch with tight-fitting clothes and red hair but what I care about is her awesome bonus features! This game has 3 different features that can be triggered. If her cauldron lands from left to right on reels 1, 2 and 3, it will give you the option to pick one. Those 3 different features include Wild Witches, Great Ghosts, or Bewitched. The Wild Witches will initiate 9 free spins and the witch casts spells on the other reels, turning them Wild. The Bewitched feature makes Winning the witch sticky on the middle reel and all you have to do is watch what symbols will fall within the 7 free spins to line up to give the best paying payline. The Great Ghosts is not my favorite at all even though it gives the most free spins (20) but it is a very long process. At the end of each free spin, ghosts will come out of nowhere and land on random spaces. Sometimes those landings do not pay anything at all so its a waste of time. You just have to be lucky and hope that they line up for you. I was able to leave the Bubble Bubble Slot with $220 while playing on Raging Bull Casino and about a week later $150 on Grand Fortune Casino. I could of left the latter with more money but decided to keep playing. To this day, this is one of my favorite slot games.