FUN FACT: Cheating at a Casino is The No-Fly Zone

Sometimes casino games are more than just fun and games and when that happens, problems begin to arrise. Sometimes those problems stem from taking more than what is intended by way of cheating at the casino. This can not only lead to big consequences for the player but also for the casino too. There are several different ways that casino staffers can find out about a player who is cheating and they’re pretty intricate.

As soon as you walk into a casino, you are on camera. There are cameras strategically placed throughout the casino in all areas aside from restrooms and hotel rooms. If cheating is suspected, the casino can piece together a timeline of events from start to finish when a player visits. But first, before those measures are taken the casino will need to notice a marker for theft and then being to create a case against the player. Here is a look at some of the things that casinos will look for when nabbing a player for cheating.

This is the biggest giveaway when it comes to cheating. Players will sit down at a slot machine and look from side to side trying to figure out which people in the casino are security personnel and which are actual players. This is a dead giveaway because the player won’t pay any attention to the slot machine, instead they’ll look for their next victim when it comes to robbing a dealer or playing unfairly at a table game.

Erratic bet amounts
Here is where it may seem to casino staff that a player might be receiving internal information about the game. The player will make normal bets, $100 here, $50 there etc. All of a sudden, the player starts making bets into the thousand dollar range. This tips casino staff off to believing that the player might be counting cards or somehow might be able to see the hole card on certain games.

Close proximity to other players
One of the biggest things that a player might want to keep note of is that the casino will watch those who sit closely to others. Especially male players. Two regular players who are not cheating most likely will not want to sit very close to one another. When two men sit down at a Blackjack table and they’re close, it raises a red flag. The two players in most cases are trying to create an alliance. The casino then will suspect that the players might be switching their cards back and forth in order to make for stronger hands against the dealer.

At any rate, there is a difference between stealing and playing with an advantage. If you are considered to be cheating at the casino, you should expect to be charged criminally. Many rumors have swirled about casinos taking people to the alleys to handle the theft in a different way however, stealing is a crime and to be logical about it, the casinos would rather press charges than deal with a lawsuit. They want to stay on the right side of the law and frankly, physically hurting the player does not give the casino any kind of an advantage anyway.