Five Strange Gambling Superstitions From Around The World.

There are many rather odd gambling superstitions throughout the world. The gambling superstitions in the United Kingdom are known to be very strange. These superstitions include: Friday the thirteenth, rabbits feet and black cats. However, when they are compared to other nations, these superstitions really are rather tame. From smoked bird brains, to penis necklaces, to the colour red, we have chosen just a few of the worlds strangest gambling superstitions. To discover what these superstitions are then read on.


It has been said that the Chinese gamblers believe that the colour red is very lucky. Particularly when you are placing a bet on something. It has been thought to be so lucky, that when these Chinese gamblers go to visit the Casino, they put on red underwear. They believe that this will increase their chance at luck. It does not matter what kind of underwear is worn. The underwear could range anywhere from a bra to boxers to Y-fronts. When you begin to gamble at the gambling table, just be sure that you have red on you. Then you know that you will be alright. Thinking about all of this; to me, this all sounds extremely odd.


When it comes to superstitions in Thailand, you cannot beat this one. It has been understood that Thailand gamblers place penis medallions around their necks. They say that this gives them good luck. The necklace is also known as Palad Khick. In Thai, this means honorable surrogate penis. Medallions are not the only things that they believe will give them good luck. They also think that it also makes you very attractive to the ladies. Men, just be sure that you do not get too confident with this! You do not want to end up disappointed!

South Africa.

Many South African gamblers think that multi magic and voodoo will bring them a lot of luck. On that note, these people think that burning brains that have been dried from vultures, will provide them with special powers. These powers include knowing what the lotto numbers are, or what the sport outcomes are before they are even known. The dried brains of vultures in particular have been very popular. These days however, they are now are likely to become extinct. Sure, everybody would like to win. But really this play is off putting!


The reputation of Indian Gamblers really is not fair at all. The reason for this is because they have not been acknowledged. However, in India this may be quite truthful. Indian Gamblers are incredibly superstitious. This is particularly true when it comes to grooming. It has been believed it is unlucky to shave, on Tuesdays in particular. It is also unlucky to even wash your hair on Thursdays. Cutting nails on Tuesdays or Saturdays is also unlucky. Be careful. You do not want to get caught losing a lot. Especially in the middle of the week. If this happens to you, then this could become very difficult for you.


A very large number of African Americans think that if the palm of your hand is itchy, then it is likely that you may get some money. This is very strange. It is strange because it comes from an ancient African religion. Not only this, this assumption also comes from the Native American folklore. Those gamblers who are married, in particular, cannot wait to get to the seven year itch. When this is reached, this is very exciting to all African Americans!

To conclude, this is the end of our list of rather strange gambling superstition from many countries throughout the world. We ask, Do you have your own weird superstitions? Do you have a helpful charm that assists you in wining lots? Why not tell us in a few short words in a comment below.

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