Five Big Winners – and How They Spent Their Winnings

A single game can change your life

A story about five big winners and how they spent their winnings…

Everyone has dreamed of winning it big but only a few of us have been lucky enough to make the dream a reality. These next four winners however were lucky enough to win it big, but unluckily ended up losing their cash as quickly as they had won it. We at 32Red always suggest responsible gaming and to never blow the lot however these guys didn’t get the memo. So read on to learn how you actually should not strike it lucky and win!

The pig farmer with a million

Things seemed to be improving for Sue Herdman after her trip to a tarot reader this year, who predicted that if Sue bought a lottery ticket, her life would change. She of course heeded the advice and ended up winning 1.2 million.

While she did not waste the money on designer clothes and cars, she opted to move to her boyfriend’s pig farm. While she spends most of her time in knee deep pig shit here, she was really happy. In fact, she says that the pigs brought her more satisfaction than money could. Wonder if it was the herder in Sue, as in Sue Herdman? Well, don’t worry as there’s more Dad jokes coming up.

Baccarat king

Akio Kashiwagi has one of the coolest names after Chris P. Bacon and Tahra Dactyl. He also has a great reputation of being one of the best baccarat players in casino history. He, Big dog Akio was famous for gambling continuously for 80 hours and always betting $100,000 for single hands. He eventually got the biggest baccarat winning in casino history in 190 after gambling for 10 hours and cashing in $6,000,000.

Like many people who win big, Kashiwagi did not take the money and run but instead bet more and more to only get awful results. He eventually came to a sticky end in 1992 where he was found dead in his home after getting stabbed 150 times with a samurai sword after running into huge debts. This just shows that money is not the secret to a long and happy life.

Red or black chancer

It was in 2004 that Ashley Revell decided to take the ultimate test at gambling everything he owned on a game of roulette. He thus sold his car and house and headed to Las Vegas where he rocked up a roulette table and bet all his worldly wealth in chips, which was a cool $135,300 at that time, on red. When the croupier spun the wheel, the ball came to rest on 7, red after whizzing around the table wherein Ashley doubled his cash to $270,600.

So now you wonder what he had spent it on. A Milky Way and 50,000 Mars bars? Well, Ashley didn’t do anything exciting like that. He set up an online poker company after travelling round Europe on a Motorbike trip, and the company went burst. However by then, Ashley realized that there was more to life than money.

The gambler Archie

The Greek gambler Archie Karas headed to Vegas in 1992 with only $50 in his wallet. He had turned this money into $40 million by 1995, which is the longest winning streak in casino history.

Unluckily, Archie didn’t know how to quit while he was ahead so he quickly lost $1 million playing dice and $17 million playing baccarat and reached his last million. He was then arrested in 2013 after he blew his remaining cash and the charge was burglary, cheating and winning fraudulently.

The 92-year-old geezer

No leprechaun will hand you a piece of gold even if you stare at it for long enough. However good things do happen to those who wait, which is what 92 year old Elmer Sherwin found out after becoming the first person to win the MegaBucks jackpot twice. Though he had been playing in casinos all his life, it was in 2004 that he finally won a $4.6 million jackpot.

He then spent the money he had won jetting round the world while he continued to periodically play slots. It was in 2008 that he hit the jackpot again to win $21 million. Nice work old guy!

All this proves that winning big is life-changing and you need to be in it to win. So try your luck at one of 32Reds online casino games to win at jackpot and own your own pig farm. However remember to gamble responsibly.