Microgaming Now Offers European Roulette Gold, Tally Ho

Year 2012 is definitely a productive and fruitful year for Microgaming. Today, as the company embarks on a business adventure anew, it has decided to strengthen its gaming suite by adding two new game titles to its much-coveted collection. But unlike ordinary launching and introductions, Microgaming has decided to raise the bar higher by focusing on its Microgaming Go portfolio, its advanced software that is powered by the same cutting edge technology but is primarily designed and used for portable devices such as modern-day tablets. The two newly-developed tablet-compatible games are the ever-so-famous European Roulette Gold and Tally Ho.


On a recent press release, Microgaming shared that its new offering, European Roulette Gold, was designed to utilize the entire tablet screen for a highly advanced and more stunning quality display. Its audio-visual specifications are developed with the right kind of material to enhance the gaming experience to the maximum. In addition to the typical features of the said game, which is technically available in its computer-compatible software, the mobile European Roulette Gold packs more weight in terms of fun-filled capabilities. It has a racetrack feature and a history board application for a more desirable gaming experience that is unmatched by its contemporary mobile versions from other software developers.

Another recent offering, Tally Ho, a five-reel game with nine-pay lines levels is said to pack more than just ordinary Tally Ho versions from other gaming sites. Microgaming has included a wild multiplier option to the famous game. Also, it has incorporated scatter symbols and numerous free spins for a better gaming experience. In relation to European Roulette Gold, Microgaming’s Tally Ho also runs on a powerful tablet-compatible program for non-stop gaming on the go. Neil Whyte, Microgaming Product Channels Head shares, “Microgaming Go sets the industry standard for mobile gaming software with the largest suite of games available in the marketplace.”

In addition, Whyte said that its powerful team behind the new breakthrough has done a masterful job for the completion of an almost-perfect if not perfect gaming software. He added, “The regular introduction of new content is what Microgaming does best. We offer superb game variety and unrivaled entertainment no matter what device or screen size. Through the use of specifically designed technology that auto detects the accessing device, we are able to serve the best content to mobile and tablet players.”

On a final note, Whyte shares that the company is more than excited to share this breakthrough not only to its long-term players but as well as to its new and soon-to-be members. He said, “We are extremely excited to be adding European Roulette Gold to our mobile offering as it was designed and developed explicitly with the tablet user in mind.” Now all of its fans can purely enjoy the bliss and delight of accessing European Roulette Gold and Tally Ho through the company’s tablet-enabled software, the Microgaming Go.

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