Euro Partners to Leave Canadian Gambling Scene

Euro Partners made the announcement that they are going to be leaving the Canadian gambling market to pursue other avenues. This came as a shock to a lot of players and people throughout the market that thought they were doing good and had no complaints when it came to working in this environment. Apparently, Euro Partners thought differently about what was going on.

Canada is not the only place that they pulled out of, along with Playtech, the casino software developer. They pulled out of Finland and the Netherlands as well. There was rumor at this time that Canada might be next to go, but this was just heard say and there was no concrete evidence that stated at the time that they were going to actually pull out of the market. However, this week, they showed everyone that it is just that easy to call it quits when it comes to pulling out of any market out there.

So when is this effective? Immediately. They are not going to be in the Canadian gambling market right this minute because they are not going to prolong the process and just shut the doors.

There was no reason as to why they pulled out of the Canadian market and they didn’t want to give a reason when they were asked but a lot of speculation has it that the company was suffering from a lot of longtime legal issues in the area and they just did not want to have to deal with them anymore when it came to offering their casino services to this area.

However, Canada does not have any legal restrictions when it comes to the world of online gambling so a lot of players and people are left to question why they decided to leave the market in the first place if it is not them that are giving the company the legal challenges that they are facing. They are not concerned about what the future of Canadian online gambling is going to look like.

The casino does state that all of the balances in the player’s accounts are safe and secure and they can be cashed out or played on until the end of the month, which is when they are closing their doors to the old time standing players. They will not be issuing new accounts to new Canadian players or accepting deposits from old or new players on the site. Come to the end of the month, everyone should be cashed out by then and the site will close their doors to these players for good and continue in another path.

A lot of people seem to think that this closure is temporary and it might turn around but this is tough to say when there is no clear explanation and only speculation as to why they decided to do such a thing. This is something that makes them wonder exactly what the reason is and why Canadian players now have to suffer through not being able to play at their fine establishment.

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