Economics and Online Gambling


In Some Countries, Gambling Has Helped The Economy So Much It Is Now A Reliable Source of Revenue For The Country.

Monaco is able to generate so much revenue from their world-famous Monte Carlo casino to where they no longer need to tax their citizens because the casino there takes care of that for them. Las Vegas also depends on the Casinos there to keep their economy alive. The lottery is managed by the state and proceeds go to the government which helps generate millions of dollars per year for the country. Now that online gambling has become so popular and easy to access right at home on the computer, this has caused major controversy because online gambling sites are operated outside of the United States thus, no money is generated or given to the government. In European states it was at one point, illegal to gamble online, through reluctancy they have now allowed people to operate online casinos within Europe. So what pushed these countries to allow online gambling to take place? In Italy a case study showed that they were bringing in 400 million Euros a year this was impressive, not only that but the government there wanted a piece of that pie.

Some of the best reason to legalize online gambling have to do with the economy of the United States, right now, those citizens are gambling anyway and because the companies are all off-shore the United States is not seeing any tax-revenue from that. Also, if the United States were to open online gambling businesses in the United states would be able to make profit off of it. Gambling is just within human nature everything in life is a gamble this way you’re just making money off of it. Many people have problems with land casinos in the United States, saying that it makes for an unsafe environment for children who live in neighborhoods with a casino in this case this would be much safer because it would be done in your home instead of out in public, with this another complaint is that online gambling would give those with a gambling problem the access to continuously play. If the United States were to legalize online gambling it would be regulated and would prevent those with a problem from accessing the games at home.

In the United States as of now, the top 3 poker sites have been blocked for United States players. When visiting those sites it shows a message from the Department of Justice indicating that these websites have been siezed. President Obama has put the issue of online gambling on hold to focus on more important matters at hand. In the mean time, the American Pro Gambling Lobby created a plan to legalize & regularize online gambling to fund the health care reform. Some countries still outlaw online gambling but the number of those making it legal is steadily increasing as with their economic status.