Desert Night’s Bitcoin Casino Review – A Nice Surprise

Desert Night’s Casino Review – A nice Surprise

When I first joined Desert Nights Casino, I was a bit estranged by the graphics. It was a mix of low quality 3D avatars blended in with high quality website design. For me this was a bit of cognitive dissonance. I say that because design is everything to me, I’m more likely to play on something that’s put a lot of effort into their theme, design, look & feel. And yet this place had it so wrong for me, but yet so right. It was a weird feeling. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and gave it a blast.

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Absolutely. If you look at the bottom of the footer you can see all their accreditations which marks their trustworthiness. I also deposited and withdrew some bitcoin, which was a 100% success with no problems. The withdrawal was done within and hour and I was very happy.

What can you expect from playing at Desert Night’s Casino?

What caught my eye with Desert Nights is that you could completely download their online web application to play in distraction free mode. I liked this concept actually because not only is it good for the casino to have focused players, but it’s also good to be a focused player if that makes sense. I’m one for shiny distract things and having that added bonus was a nice touch.

There are plenty of slots in this Casino. Not a staggering amount, but enough to significantly sink your teeth into. I tried a few to which I was pleasantly surprised. Megawins being my slot of choice. It was highly entertaining, full of features, and pleasing to the eye and on the ears. I wear headphones when using Casino’s to get the full experience. I highly recommend it.

There were few table games. A lot less than normal standard amounts for Casino’s, but they were nicely allotted. In the sense that they are the age-old favourites, Roulette and Blackjack being amongst them. Definitely worth a spin.

I’d like to mention a little bit about the support section also. I liked this part of the casino because support was on hand to talk to me at any point in the game, even before I was registered to play. I could ask them anything I wanted to, and they were able to answer me, and they were pleasant and courteous throughout the whole experience. I’d recommend this site just for the security the support section gives.

And last but not least we had a look at the speciality section. These games are a bit different to most, and I couldn’t find my favourite “banana jones” in there, however I was able to have a very interesting game of Bingo. I’d recommend at least trying it once.

Final Verdict of Desert Night’s Casino

I must admit at first, I didn’t know what to think when I first joined Desert Nights. The cognitive dissonance I felt between having a design that I didn’t like, mixed with another feature that I did, wrapped up in an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was strange to say the least. However, after about 30 minutes all of that faded away and I began to have an extremely good time with what I was doing.

I enjoyed this casino very much and I would recommend downloading their app for a distraction free gaming experience.