Take ownership over your earning prowess with the Deckmedia Affiliate Program

I’ve been a Deckmedia Affiliate myself for a couple of years now, and it’s been a good earner. If you’re looking to earn a bit on the side yourself, why not turn your hand to a bit of affiliate marketing. The reason I chose Deckmedia Affiliate was simple – I know Casino’s, and with these guys they allow you to promote the best Casino’s in the business, with the best games, and the best promotional offers. One of them has a sign up bonus and first deposit offer of up to $11,000 – how crazy is that?

So, yeah, if you’re like me and play a bit of poker, or have a spin on the slots, or even roll a little on roulette then you have enough knowledge to become a deckmedia affiliate.

How to get started

The world is moving into a model of information. With the number of scams online people are more reluctant than ever to put in their details than before. When it was once easy to get people to hand over their email address or get them to click on a link – now it’s harder than ever. People are just tired of clicking spammy links and they’ll tell their friends. The idea is to build a website with awesome information for people to read and then if they want to they can click on your links for more information – the links is where the referral is made, and ultimately the money.

So, what do you need? Well, you’ll probably need a good amount of knowledge on how Casino’s work for a start. You don’t need to be super experienced of course, only that you know how to casually use one. Then you will need a website, and some time (and peace away from people) to write.

After that head over to Deckmedia Affiliate and sign up. From there they will give you an account manager who will oversee your account. That doesn’t mean they are going to wag their finger at you to make more sales, no, they’ll be there to give you encouragement and help with whatever you need. In fact, that is literally the best part about Deckmedia Affiliate is their willingness to help you succeed.

What to choose?

Well, there’s quite a few online casinos to choose from over at Deckmedia Affiliate, and literally every one of them has their own unique features. For example, Captain Jack’s casino has over $11,000 in sign up and first deposit bonuses to wet the mouths of even the most lubricated of onlookers. And then over at Slottocash they have all the best slots. I mean most online casinos share the slots available, but in my experience, they have a showcase of all the best ones. So, it’s up to you really. You can laser focus on just one, or make a review site of all of them

Why Deckmedia Affiliate?

Honestly, between their amazing range of entertainment games, casinos, and unlimited support at your fingertips then it’s an absolutely lovely help up in the right direction. What’s not to love about this place? They payout affiliate earnings quickly via Bitcoin and monthly like clockwork. As a player, all of their online casinos accept Bitcoin, as well as deposit by credit card. As an affiliate you also have the option to be paid out via Bitcoin for near instant and direct payments at the start of every month.