Communication Technology has inspired massive growth in gambling industry.

The internet has inspired some great things. Particularly growth in areas where growth wasn’t previously possible. I’m thinking home delivery for example. If you didn’t like using the phone then you absolutely had to go into a shop and buy something you liked. Not now though, you can browse and choose whatever you want from the comfort of your own armchair.

But that’s not the only sector that has been able to reach people that it hasn’t before. I’m thinking the gambling industry has seen growth beyond measure. I have friends that would never be caught dead in a casino, or a bookies, or anywhere that involves gambling yet if you get to know them personally then you’ll find out they are all signed up to the popular casinos and enjoy a cheeky gamble.

The industry has been able to touch people in places that it previously couldn’t in more ways than one. For instance, I always liked going out to the casino, and I wasn’t on first name terms with my local bookie, however I did go in from time to time to place a bet. But having online casinos at my fingertips whenever I want has encouraged me to play more. Not crazily, or irresponsibly but I can have a go whenever I’m bored and want to be entertained. I couldn’t do that beforehand.

But it’s not only desktop computers they have taken over – they have branched out into the world of mobile gaming. Now every online casino that you go to they are always encouraging you to download their latest mobile app. It’s not because they are being pushy of course, it’s because that about 80% of internet use is through mobile. My own main website reflects those statistics, so it only makes sense that online casinos push out their own applications.

But having used these mobile apps myself I know how much easier and streamlined they can be. Not only can I get my information up to date and wherever I am at the time; in the office, at home, on public transport, I’ll be sure to get updates on whatever I’m playing. So it does serve very good purpose to download these apps.

And through all these entries into the unknown the gambling industry has been able to grow immensely and reach areas of the world it previously wasn’t able to reach. Instead of being million dollar businesses they have now become multi-million dollar businesses and that is down to the ease of use and ease of access that an online casino provides.

And to be honest? I feel online casinos are better. Not that because I can just sit in my pj’s with last nights dinner still matted on my chin – but more so because I can do so in peace. I’m not having to forgo my favourite slots because the seats at them are all full, and I’m not having to wait for an empty space at the poker table. There’s literally room for everyone and anyone – providing they are over the legal age of course.