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So, I stopped by cocoa casino today and I was not left wanting more. In fact, I was left completely satisfied. Would you like to know what’s better than bonuses and cashback on your birthday? Yes? Well bonuses and cashback every day of the god damned week. I know, right? Crazy! If there’s one thing that this online casino does well is sell itself a good player retention. I loved the bonuses and cashback. In fact, I actually stayed purely for that.

If you’ve ever read a review by me before then you’ll know I have a bit of a love affair with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and I get a little more than excited whenever I see mainstream Casinos accepting bitcoin as payment, and, lo and behold – Cocoa Casino accepts it. Not only accepts it but deposits it instantly too. For those not in the know, that means that once they spot your transaction in the chain then they’ll credit it to your account ready to play.

But don’t be dismayed if you’re a normal money person because there’s more and enough opportunities to deposit your real world money in a variety of different ways from several payment processors accepting all sorts of currency. See, Cocoa Casino is open to everyone from all over the world.

And, if you’re a bit like me and get distracted by the simplest of things then you’ll find that you can download the casino direct to your PC on their web app. Why should I do this you may ask? Well, it’s distraction free gaming. I wish I could show you my browser right now but there’s at least ten tabs open as I do a multitude of stuff. But with this then I can focus 100% on what is in front of me.

Not to keen on the PC? Yes, I know, most people on the Internet are mobile users and my own main site has the statistics to back that up, so fear not, Cocoa Casino has mobile apps for android, iPhone, and iPad so it covers all mobile usage. Or most of them anyway. Again, why would you bother to have a mobile app? Well you can get up to date information on the games you’re involved in and you don’t need to wait until you get home. Perfect for those long commutes to work, or even when you’re sitting on the toilet. Het, we won’t judge!

And yes, let’s not forget the support system where they take you straight from the get-go and talk you all the way through it. Confused? Why not hit up their support system. I always say a great product will have someone human to take you through every step of the way, and this online casino does that from the very start, even before you sign up. It’s pretty good.

If all that doesn’t interest you then you can at least hit them up for some industry leading slots and games. I’m not one to make up a good story but their games are entertainments finest and leading the gambling industry.

Hit them up. You know you want to!