Cherry Jackpot Casino Bitcoin Gambling Review – BIG Jackpots

Cherry Jackpot Casino Review – BIG Jackpots.

When I was brought to Cherry Jackpot Casino for the first time, the first thing that I noticed was their staggeringly beautiful theme. I like pastel colours, and even more than pastel colours I like soft reds. And this was what I was delivered. After noticing the aesthetics my eye’s narrowed in on the Jackpots. Over nine million dollars to be won. For me, this was a sight to behold, I wanted to play in this casino because I wanted to grab some of that cash.

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

There is nothing fake about Cherry Jackpot Casino. If you look at their footer you can see a slew of accreditations that solidify their trust in the entertainment gaming sphere. I was able to deposit, play with my deposit, and withdraw. My withdrawal was in Bitcoin so after a quick processing time it was back in my wallet before I knew it. All fine and safe here

What can you expect from playing at Cherry Jackpot Casino?

My first try of Cherry Jackpot was the slots. Because this is where the big jackpots seemed to be. My first attempt was at five wishes, which seemed to be this cool genie orientated game with a jackpot attached to it. Whilst I absolutely loved this game and loved the copious amounts of times a wild was thrown at me, I didn’t win anything big. I also tried a few of the other slots but no jackpots came rollin’, shame, hah!

At Cherry Jackpot Casino I would expect you to come for the slot machines. There is an entire legion of slot machines to look through. I managed to get halfway down before I gave up and scrolled back. This is definitely this Casino’s selling point, lots of slots with BIG jackpots attached to them. And even although I didn’t win anything, I still had a lot of fun trying.

Please also be aware of the promotions. They are running a sign up bonus right now giving whoever signs up a 200% bonus on their first ten deposits. That’s an insane amount you can have right there. There is an upper limit of course so I would make sure to read the fine print. But for people like me that just want to deposit $50 or $100, that’s a nice little bonus for us. So please make sure you sign up for that when registering.

There isn’t much of anything else here. Table games, Video Poker, and Speciality games, but what was on offer was very little. I think that would be a bonus if there’s only one or two specific games by a certain gaming brand that you like to play. But me? I like a bit of diversity, and certainly this doesn’t provide it. However, that’s not to say that they aren’t any fun because they are. For instance, I gave Banana Jones a try and had A LOT of fun.

Final Verdict of Captain Jacks Casino

You would come to Cherry Jackpot Casino for the slots. The name of the brand suggests as much too. If I was coming to make a day out of Cherry Jackpot Casino, then I would load up on promotional gear and then chew those Jackpot Rollers hard. I think that would be a fun day, maybe I should try it.

I also enjoy that Cherry Jackpot has an option to play with my Bitcoin. If you look at their banking section, you can already see that it is almost 3x faster when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. This is what I like about it. Quick and efficient.