Casino Max Bitcoin Gambling Review – BIG Promotions

Casino Max Review – BIG Promotions.

Hitting Casino Max’s homepage was a breath of fresh air. I’ve said before that I absolutely love pastel colours and light themes, and here it blends both of those nicely in an aesthetically pleasing display of awesomery. The next hook to catch my mouth was the front page nine thousand dollars in free bets. Okay, it’s got me hooked. I don’t mind if it reels me in.

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Casino Max is a well respected gaming brand and has several accreditations at the footer to ease worries of legitimacy. If it helps, I deposited bitcoin and was able to deposit, play with that deposit, and withdraw without any problems whatsoever. My withdrawal were processed quickly and was back in my wallet in no time.

What can you expect from playing at Casino Max?

The first thing I’d like to say about Casino Max is the speed of their site. It’s the fastest I’ve came across. I had barely finished clicking my mouse in the navigation portal before it had the next page loaded up, ready and waiting for me. If there’s one thing that this site stands out more than the rest, then it has definitely got to be the speed of it. Very, very impressed.

There are a lot of slots here. In fact, out of everything at this Casino their stock on slots far outweighs anything else. I tried them though, and they kept me engaged for a long time. Recently, I’ve enjoyed playing 5 wishes, so I gave that one a go. I like how they plough me with wildcards all the time. It’s very exciting. I also had a game of Asgard. I’m a sucker for anything that sets a historical text and Norse mythology is one of them. Even if it is a slot machine.

There’s a fair bit of other games in the casino if you care to have a look around for a bit. For instance, in Table games there’s the old favourites Blackjack and Pontoon. There’s also games I’ve never seen before like Caribbean stud poker. Then the video poker has more than enough games to wet your whistle at. We played Dueces wild, to which we had a lot of fun with. We had to play a demo game first though so that we could gain the skill needed to play the game. And of course, there’s the Speciality games to which I will always recommend Banana Jones.

There are also Progressive slots here. Only four of them at the time of writing this but one of them right now has a Jackpot of over three million dollars. If anything, that’s at least something to dip your wick into and give a try. If not for the entertainment, then at least a life changing amount of money.

Final Verdict of Casino Max

At first, I was drawn in by the theme and the speed of the website. You’ll see what I mean when you join. The speed of it is literally amazing and is eons ahead of any other place I’ve been on. Once you’ve gotten over the thrill of the speed, then you’ll find that the slots are the main feature here, and you’ll want to play them.

I enjoyed my experience very much. I didn’t like how the progressive slots were hidden away and not thrust to the front where you could clearly see there were humungous jackpots to be had. But again, that is just my opinion and it didn’t detract at all from the overall experience.

All in all, I enjoyed myself and I will be coming back again.