Captain Jack Casino – The BTC Friendly Casino Review – Yar, Me Hearties!

Captain Jack Casino Review – Yar, me hearties!

When you join Captain Jack Casino the first thing you are met with is a Pirates Skull and pirate hat, which is completely on point with the theme. There is a lot of themed games in here if you like a bit of 15th Century sea-faring. Of course, they aren’t Pirate related, but there’s a Pirate theme to them that adds that nice bit of feel

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Yes, Captain Jack Casino is legit than most. They have introduced something called recordable trust. This means that they record every single bet you have ever made on the casino and can be viewable by you if you wanted it to. I deposited coin here, and I withdrew them with absolutely no problems. Absolutely legit.

What can you expect from playing at Captain Jack Casino?

There was A LOT of slots in Captain Jack than in any other section of their casino. In fact, the slots outweighed the other games by far. At Captain Jack they have a feature called record-able trust, and as you could see (or at least at the time I was playing) most of the big wins were coming from the slots. So, lots of slots to be played. We tested them out.

I played Pulsar, this was a new game to me, and I’ll admit I had to practice it for at least ten minutes before I could figure out what was happening. It was a new game on the block, so I wanted to give it a try. I had heaps of fun if I’m honest, and it’s probably one of the slots that differ from more mainstream norms, but it was very addictive to play. Especially when you would get a string of wildcards constantly.

It was nice to see pontoon at the table games. That’s a new one on me, and perhaps that is keeping in line with the pirate theme? I am unsure. But overall, there wasn’t much here. Perhaps a collection of 9 games, but I’m sure that’s more than enough to keep you engaged. I mean not everyone has $10k to splurge on a casino at a time. I don’t either.

There wasn’t anything special about the table games, only that they were Pirate themed, and perhaps if you like a bit of pirating then this is something that you would definitely go for. I don’t know. But standard tables, and a lot of fun to play.

In their specialty section I noted they had Banana Jones, which is hands down my favourite specialty game to play. Lots of casino’s have this one so I’m not surprised that it was here. I enjoy this game and tend to play it whenever I come across it.

Final Verdict of Captain Jack Casino

Captain Jack Casino was a lot of fun. I’m a bit partial to the Pirate life and do get involved whenever I see a pirate themed treasure trove of goodies to be won.

The stand-out part for Captain Jacks has to be recordable trust. Whenever finances are involved then very detailed reports must be made, and if I have those all in front of me then I cannot complain whatsoever. I mean after all, a website these days, trust can make or break them. Even more so with a Casino. So that’s a win for me.

Also, Bitcoin is a thing here. You could top up your balance with cryptocurrency and I liked that very much. If you go via the Bitcoin option, then you can deposit and withdraw very quickly. Using Bitcoin reduces the risk for the Casino, and after processing withdrawals it can be released very quickly.

All in all, an enjoyable experience.