Skrill Soon To Be Gone For Canadians

Skrill limits the places that it is able to be used, the United States being one of those places. This is for the simple fact that they just are not open to everyone using the e-wallet system. However, they were once open to Canadians and now they are closing their doors to them – so Canadians will be a lot like those in the United States and have to find somewhere else to digitally get their money sent.

They are not completely cutting everyone off right away. After the new year, gambling money will be the first to stop and then shortly after that you will not be able to receive transactions or pay with your money in the account to merchants so you’re going to want to make sure that you cash out whatever earnings you have. This is something that is going to put a dent in a lot of people’s lifestyles since this is something that they choose to use for a lot of different things and without having the ability to use it anymore – a lot of people are just not sure what they are going to do when it comes to their money online.

This is a big thing for those players on gambling sites that like to use this e-wallet feature to put money into their accounts to play with and also used to cash out their earnings. They will have use an alternative method for this now and they are just not sure what. Depending on the casino that they are playing at – there are different means to getting money into and out of your player account so this will just throw a curve ball at the players but it will not be impossible to do.

The email that Skrill sent out only covered those gamblers that used the features and not every user throughout the database that is on the system. However, they said in a few weeks, there will be an email that will be sent out to everyone that is using the system. They want them all to know that they are no longer going to be able to use the services and it will only be open to the remaining countries that are on the list of approved countries. Many of them where gambling is legal.

The reason for Skrill to be doing this? They do not want to worry about legal troubles when it comes to their US subsidiaries. They want to ensure that everyone is following the rules and they cannot do that if they do not ban certain accounts and by banning Canadian users, they are covering a wide base.

Players are upset but it is something that they stated they could get over and find a way around – they will have to once Skrill completely closes their doors to them. The only reason they have is due to the gambling that is being done when people put money into their accounts. This is bad for those players that perhaps only have this account and cannot get another one to put money onto their player accounts with.

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