Can you actually win money gambling online?


A history lesson here before we move on.

My first brush with Casino type games was when I was a young lad on the seaside with my parents. We would go in and play the 2-penny slots. Kids were allowed to play these because they were usually supervised by an adult and the risk was relatively low. Anyway, this was my first brush with a gambling atmosphere.

Back in those days if you wanted to go to a proper casino then you had to don a suit and travel a few miles to get to the nearest one. The night would be fun, and we’d be sure we’d have plenty of alcohol to keep the night going and the money flowing. Yeah, it was generally a really good night.

But with the rise of the Internet, businesses found that people were staying in more and not going out as much. People could connect with each other online, and from far away distances. There wasn’t as much need for social gatherings anymore. So that’s when a lot of businesses understood that if they wanted to get in front of people’s faces they were going to have to do it in their homes.

Traditional media such as advertising in the newspaper and the TV was fast becoming a thing of the past, so businesses had to think of new and exciting ways to get in people’s homes. Thanks to the internet you pretty much don’t need to leave your house for anything these days. That includes going to the casino.

Disclaimer: You have to deposit money to play though. You can’t play for free and win money, because if you’re doing something like that then it’s a scam and won’t be around for long.

And as casinos fast became online they were able to put themselves in front of people that wouldn’t normally go into a casino. Me for example. I’ve been to an actual Casino the same amount of times as I can count fingers on my hand, but I go to my online casino weekly. Sometimes daily if I’m a bit flush with cash and I fancy being entertained.

I can play the slots from the comfort of my own home, or I can aggressively play the table games with other players around the country. No need to go out, or even get changed. I can just sit there in my PJ’s and play until my heart is content. Or I’ve lost all my money. I can play with my friends if I so wanted to.

And when it comes to collecting my winnings then I can just withdraw and boom – money back in my bank account. So yes. You can absolutely win money in online casinos, but you have to deposit some in the first place. There are certain casinos that will allow you to make no deposits and give you a sign up bonus, but those are fast becoming a rarity these days. And you won’t win much. Those that do have gotten wise to the players that sign up just for the freebies.

But you should definitely give it a try. You can win real money, and if you’re lucky, a LOT of money.