Can online Casinos Cheat?

They can, I guess they could if they wanted to. There’s nothing stopping them. But if they were found out they would be subject to humungous fines and perhaps even a prison sentence for those involved.

Anything to do with money is highly regulated, and if you are a legitimate casino, completely online, then you are bound by the same governance as those in the real world too. I’m not sure if people understand that the laws are very similar, if not stricter, for the casinos that conduct their business online.

Now I guess it depends what you consider as cheating, because casinos have a business plan that allows them to gather a certain amount of money daily. For instance, a Casino will take in $100 and give back $80. Technically speaking it has to bring in revenue somehow. That way it can pay out most of the money back and keep a little for itself. But it has to program the slots and make it so tables and everything else pulls in that amount. So, if you think there’s an element of surprise to it, then no, there’s no chance, no fate, only business.

In the end, the house will always win.

But is that cheating? Not really. I mean technically you go to an online casino to be entertained. It takes you through the highs and lows of winning and losing, and, it’s high risk. So technically we go in with the mindset that we’ll lose everything in the end. The trick is to play with what you can afford to lose, and then at times you can be surprised.

But as for real cheating, like taking all of your money and then running away with it then no. There are strict laws that prevent legitimate online casinos from fiddling with their numbers like that. People that do so will find themselves behind bars, or with at least a very hefty fine and fraud under their criminal profile.

That’s not to say there aren’t casinos out there run by the criminal element that solely set out to part you with all that you have. Preying on the people that need the money or are so desperately looking for a win. Just keep an eye out for them. They can disappear as fast as they appear with all your money in tow. I’ve had it done to myself too.

If you keep frequenting the legitimate casinos then you’ll be safe from the cheaters. They have to be super careful and abide by their rules and laws so your money will be safe whilst you are having fun at their establishment.

But it’s still high risk mind you. Don’t be thinking because that your money is safe that you won’t be losing it all because you potentially could. And that’s the risk we take as gamblers. It’s fun, and enjoyable, and often pays off, but at other times it does not. Learn where those cut off are and walk away. Also, never play with what you can’t afford to lose. I’ve had that trap before and it’s not good.