Visit Cafe Casino Online

Serving up something new and delicious in the world of online casinos, it was a sip of cool water on a hot day to come across Cafe Casino.

First things first, they accept Bitcoin and make it extremely easy for you to do the same with both deposits and withdrawals. You can easily use visa or MasterCard anytime, but people who use bitcoin will love this place.

Coinbase is usually a good way to go about doing your coin-in or coin-out with this one, but on their web site they recommend both Kraken and Circle for the fastest pay-in and pay-out with their system.

You can use any wallet you like, but those seem to work a little faster with their system, so I went ahead and used my Kraken wallet and it was easy as pie to get started.

On the deposit page, you just select bitcoin as the method you want to use for payment and enter the amount you want to put in. You’ll see it right under the options for visa and mastercard which you can use too at any time if you like. Cafe Casino places their bitcoin address for you to deposit to (and which you’ll be receiving deposits from to your wallet when you cash out) right underneath where the exchange rate is on their web site. It’s near the top on the right hand side, so you can’t miss it. Just copy that address and paste it onto the field where you pay with your bitcoin wallet and select only the amount that you want to send to deposit, and you’re good to go. I’ve noticed that they also let you use QR code deposits too if using a mobile device, so they’ve made it extremely easy to get started whether you’re a mobile user or a desktop veteran.

If you have any questions about your bitcoin address and how to set up a wallet, you can even give them a call at 1-888-364-1850 anytime 24 hours a day and they’ll help you get started. Just like your local coffee shop, friendly service and always there to help you enjoy yourself and get the most out of the experience.

While Cafe Casino is one of the newer hangouts and shops for gambling fun and games, they are doing it just right. So far, they have the fastest cashout of any casino I’ve seen in the US (even faster than Lucky Red and Ignition which are two great casinos that are great in the US, too).

The parent company for Cafe Casino is Betting Partners Network who have been around for 15 to 16 years. Like other trusted casinos, they’re fully licensed and registered with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission for legal compliance with all laws and regulations. The people running Cafe Casino have done cooperative work with Bodog and others, so they are fair and balanced, know what they’re doing, and are using their experience to make it a great place for you.

Cafe Casino seems to be comprised of new ideas and presents itself a new place that puts together only the best of what people love about online casinos while being a relaxing and enjoyable experience even more than a high-energy one, which when you’re playing online, is exactly what many of us are going for.

You might wonder why they would create an entirely new platform and casino just to give us all of this, but the answer is that it would be harder to change the existing casinos and what people enjoy specifically about them today than to use the best of what they have and make an entirely new one catering to all the things that a relaxed crowd enjoys even more. So rather than changing things on the existing casinos they own, they decided to improve upon them and make this available as a fresh cup of brew for all of us who want something more relaxed, but with all the experience of the major places.

The huge bonuses really stand out here, and they are offering some great free incentives. While the playthrough factor is about average at 35x, they have a whopping 500% match up to $5,000. You would need to do the 35x playthrough first to get the bonus, but it’s worth it if you play for a while because they’re giving you more here on the match amount than even some of the best that have been around for years.

If you want to do a more standard match at 100% of your deposits up to $1,000 you can do that too with their No-Maximum welcome bonus, and only have to do a 25x playthrough instead of a 35x. So if you’re looking at playing faster rather than longer, you might want to do the 100% match instead of the 500% match to get your money faster.

Cafe Casino is all that and a bag of chips. Literally! Get yourself a $10 bag in free chips from them whenever you use this code on their site: CHIP10

The games offered here are Realtime Gaming (RTG), Betsoft, and Rival Gaming. So there’s plenty to choose from and all kinds of bonuses available for you with each of them. With their lineup and some of the ones I’ve played, they have all the best in slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, pai gow, and 3 card poker for you to win at. All the classics like Heavyweight Gold, Casar’s Empire, Crystal Waters, As The Reels Turn, and more are all here for you to play instantly.

Choosing a platform is also easy. They support Android, iPhone, Windows and yes, Linux too. All of the games here are instant play through the browser on the PC unless you’re on a mobile phone, in which case you can download and use the game app for your platform.

Cafe Casino is definitely a tasty new addition to newer and more socially-friendly casinos online for people to do what they love most and not have the hassle of the larger ones.

By keeping things fast, simple, and fun, they make it easy to play, to win, and to cash out with ease. If you’re looking for a fun-filled shop to win and relax at the same time, Cafe Casino is for you!