Bovada Casino Bitcoin Gambling Review – We Tried It

Bovada Casino Review – We tried it, we loved it!

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It can be difficult navigating the wide ocean of Casino’s out there. Some pop up overnight and are gone within a week once they’ve collected their profits. I hear it, I’ve been in that situation in the past. So, let’s take a deep dive into what Bovada is all about and what it has to offer.

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Yes, Bovada is a highly respected gaming brand that has been around for many years. Not only is their casino top notch, but they are trustworthy also. To test, we deposited a small amount of cryptocurrency to play with, and also withdraw at the end of our session. Both attempts were fine and completed within an hour or so. We also had a lot of fun playing.

What can you expect from playing at Bovada?

Well, from what we can see it’s an all-rounder. You can get anything in here from sportsbook to esports gaming. It’s the Casino aimed at people that like a bit of everything, and a little variety with their coffee. We tested out the slots and the table games and had one bet on the sports book which has yet to come back to us. It will though, when the game has been played.

I actually found the slots on this Casino to be next generation. They were clear, immersive and fun to play. What do I mean by next generation? Well I pretty much wanted to play them constantly. I played cyberpunk and being quite the cyberpunk fan, I really enjoyed myself. These slots weren’t the typical throw your money in them and hope for the best slots. There was a delicate art to them that I found impressive, and a whole enjoyable auditory experience. I was really engaged.

One thing that I found really impressive is that Bovada has recognised esports in their betting catalogue which is something I haven’t seen before, and admittedly don’t know much about. However, since e-sports are recognised as a highly competitive sport I was very impressed that this option was available to bet on. Not something I would expect to have in a casino, however in my eyes more options and availability is better.

The table games were nothing special. I mean they were a good experience but nothing that would have hit my review out of the ballpark. I absolutely enjoyed playing them though, with the added bonus that I was able to play with other players at the tables also. I found that somewhat exciting, but not very different to the rest that’s out there.

We were able to deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin which I found quite encouraging. Encouraging in the sense that well respected Casino’s are now adopting cryptocurrency for payments. By using this option, it reduces risk to the Casino and enables quicker payouts to you. However, if you are no crypto enthusiast then you can still fund your balances in the normal ways.

Final Verdict of Bovada Casino

A nice all-rounder here. You can play almost anything the Casino world has to offer, and there are certain parts of this Casino I haven’t seen anywhere else. Of course, I’m not saying that I’ve been to every single Casino ever, however I AM saying that some of the things you will find here are quite the rarity, and if you’re into that then certainly give it a bash.

For the all-rounder gambler.