Big Fat Lottos launches a competition to help overweight British brides get into shape

For overweight brides-to-be it can be a struggle to get into shape in time to walk down the aisle with confidence. Over five million women in the UK will try to lose weight before their big day, according to XLS-Medical.

That’s why online lottery service, Big Fat Lottos has decided to offer three brides-to-be the chance to receive expert advice and support, as well as a huge cash prize, through their brand new Big Fat to Thin Brides competition.

The search is now on for three big and beautiful British brides to take part in the weight loss competition. The contest will run for six months, from July 2013 to the New Year, and the contestants will be given expert nutritional advice, exercise plans and free gym memberships during that time. They will also take part in creative exercise experiences, where they will try their hand at new and unique exercise classes and challenges.

We caught up with industry insider Harry the CEO of and asked him his opinion on the promotion. “I know it’s a little distasteful, but sometimes you have to be in marketing. Would Ryan Air be nearly as successful if they didn’t horrifically to their customers, the irony is no. It’s always good to see someone thinking outside of the box even if it is going to upset a few people.”

Viewers will be able to follow each bride-to-be on their weight loss journey by watching their video diary entries. These will be available to view on, along with weight loss tips and advice. The website will be launching shortly.

The contestant who loses the largest percentage of her total weight, taken from the beginning of the competition, will win a massive £5,000 cash prize to help make her wedding day dreams become a reality.

For more information on the competition, or to enter, email details including your name, city, current weight and date of wedding to [email protected]. All entrants must be a UK resident, over 18 years of age and have a wedding ceremony planned for 2014. Terms and conditions apply.

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