Betradar launches certification program


Betradar launches its own software certification program

The long wait is finally over for those who have the inclination towards developing their own independent gambling software. The famous Swiss sports and betting online service provider, Betradar AG, has recently launched its own in-house certification program that is believed to cater the needs of independent software providers who wish to build and maintain their own gambling websites. Inside source says, Betradar exposed its firm resolution on the matter after realizing that the complexity of its products have increased throughout the years in response to the changing and dynamic nature of the online world, let alone the internet-based gambling medium.

Carsten Koerl, the parent company Sportradar Chief Executive Officer of the famous group who proposed this concept, said in a press statement, “The programme is designed to enable independent software providers to ensure the compatibility of their services with the leading betting and gaming solutions from Betradar.” In addition, Koerl shared, “The aim of the certification is to assist our clients in rapidly deploying and implementing our innovative services and solutions.”

Another catch about this program is it offers a new feature that enables one to pre and live bet on the different games of online casinos apart from the different gaming solutions that it already is providing. Moreover, many people are speculating that the Betradar program will allow players a multitude of advanced gaming feats including the easy verification of the provider solutions for the betting and gaming features of any casino operating and powered by Betradar as well as those who are planning to be part of the modern family of the said company.

“It enables us to stay up to speed on the innovative betting and gaming solutions from Betradar as well as with the latest technology developments of this industry. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Betradar and to deepening our footprint in the betting industry with innovative solutions that address the needs of this large and growing market,” added Koerl.

On the other hand, Paul Mears, Sports betting Vice President for SpielG2 shed light about the issue by stating, “Betradar’s certification program provides a great opportunity for us to add greater value to our professional services for the bookmarking industry.” True enough, the new software certification program is currently being offered in several categories especially for the Certified Partner and Gold Certified Partner of the company. Furthermore, in his ending statements, Kroel said, “Gold Certified Partner means that clients have fully and properly integrated our feeds with all the features that we offer meanwhile Certified Partner meets the minimum requirements of the certification”.