Best Casino Bonuses for USA Players – Part I


How to Find the Best Casino Bonus for the USA Player Part One: Online Comparison

All research efforts start with asking a question and what the researcher is trying to accomplish with that question. In this case it is as the title demonstrates, “Where can I find the best USA online casino bonus”, but what data we are actually looking to discover is really more about what constitutes the best when it comes to additional bonus money. Not only that, but where you can find relevant info regarding these USA casino bonuses through online means that is completely unbiased. It is essential that I maintain certain parameters when collecting structured data in order to provide quality reviews, so in that respect I will outline the boundaries of this experiment.

  1. Casinos that are online and accept USA players
  2. Casinos that will provide a bonus for slots money
  3. Casinos that regularly update their profile with new slots

The reasoning behind this is obvious: We are focusing on players from the US and we want to compare bonuses that are only good for slots. Since the majority of people look for new slots online, using the establishments that continually update with new casino games means a more accurate demographic based on diversity alone. In addition these are quite easy to find. The following are the parameters I will use to search for proper data to conduct the experiment.

  1. Google search for the phrase: “USA Online Casino Bonuses 2015” and save the results
  2. Bing search for the same phrase and save the results
  3. Use the top 10 results from each and find the best offers

Best is a difficult term to define, especially when placing it relevant to an online environment. In the next section of the article I will discuss the parameters of defining it in regard to USA casinos with bonuses for extra money.

  1. The amount of the bonus in total monetary value
  2. The ratio of money as free chips to the amount the bonuses wagering requirements
  3. The amount of the requirements to cash out the online casino imposes regardless of that ratio
  4. Any fees or unstandardized terms associated with the casino bonus compared to similar establishments reducing its overall rating

It is a bewildering amount of information, but rudimentary conclusions are already starting to emerge. It actually did not take very long to compile this initial data. Three days of solid research in just our topic search and I have enough online casino welcome bonuses for the USA info to start comparing all of the results. Without a doubt there are already a few ahead of the race to the top with a larger margin of bonus to wagering ratios. Since the extra chips were only able to be withdrawn under certain conditions, certain establishments had exclusive offers that tip the scales in their favor.

The most common type of bonus offered was the aforementioned welcome style that simply adds extra free money to a new player’s first deposit. Again I am taking into consideration not just the total amount of the money, but also all of the components mentioned above. What initially appeared to be the best bonus quickly failed the math test. I came out with some staring numbers players would have to win in order to cash out with the first bonuses that seemed like a good deal. Keeping in mind these offers ranged from 555%, 400%, to as low as 100% with wagering requirements as low as x20.

Interested is reading about the results? You will have to check back in ne week for the next post in our series entitled, “How to Find the Best Casino Bonus for the USA Player Part Two: The Final Determination”. I intend to show the results of the comparison and set the reader on the path to finding the best bonuses for casinos online scientifically. For more info or try your own version of this comparison please visit: CBR |

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