Beach – NetEnt Slot Game Review

Net Entertainment’s Beach will give you more reasons to gamble online. If you are up for some online casino fun that’s not only thematic and colorful, but also capable of giving you the big bucks, then this online gambling game is the one for you. Clad in the trappings of beach elements, Beach will pique your interest and provide you with the video slot entertainment that’s perfect for the summer and the other seasons all the same.

Beach Gaming Specs & Mechanics

Beach has 20 bet lines with 5 columns and 3 rows for the reels. There’s the Octopus Wild feature that actually helps players win the game by swapping the symbols on the columns. The symbols include a starfish, a shell, a clamp, a treasure chest, pebbles with numbers and letters on top and many more. The configuration of the game is very simple — there’s a video display area, a keypad area and the gaming panel. While the display area comprises the different symbols, the keypad area houses the MAX BET and AUTOPLAY, as well as the play button. Meanwhile, the game panel pertains to the buttons for the game’s settings.

Beach Game Mechanics

As with typical video slots, Beach follows the same mechanism. When the player has already pressed the button, the symbols on the columns are swept by a wave and once the sweeping is done, the bet lines are highlighted. Players with winning bet lines will get the chance to win money. If a player wants to take advantage of his or her winning streak, there’s the MAX BET button that lets players play the game at the highest bet level and coin value. The AUTOPLAY is also a useful button for players who want to automatically roll the game in select rounds.


Beach Game Design

Beach is designed with animation that’s very reminiscent of ’90s Disney cartoon flicks. But don’t go looking for Ariel, Sebastian or Flounder, this game has its own star of the show — an enthusiastic octopus that’s prepared to help you beat the odds in the game. The octopus has the ability to swap the symbols such that they can form a winning line. The octopus can only be found on column 3 when it appears in a round, but it stays for a little bit when there are no good swaps for the win. It waits until a good opportunity arrives for the player. The animation will keep you entertained as you aim for that moment of collecting the big prizes.

Beach Game Symbols

The symbols found in this game are, as mentioned above, designed to appear like a ‘90s Disney cartoon. There is no denying that all the elements are very familiar in terms of the style of the art. The Scatter Symbol is a message in a bottle and when they 3 or more appear during a round, free waves are awarded to the player. On the other hand, the wild symbol is a mini crab above a wooden signage that has the word “WILD” on it. The Wild Symbol can substitute other symbols except for the Octopus Wild and the Scatter symbols.


Beach Payout System

Players get to win when the bet line is in succession from left to right, but only the highest win per active bet line will get paid. Every winning bet line is multiplied to the number of coins per bet line. Winning can be hastened when wild symbols appear on columns 1, 2, 4, and 5. For the main game, players can get up to 40,000 coins per one bet line, and the same is true for the free waves round.

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