Are Online Casino’s Rigged? We explore the possibilities

It really depends what you define rigged as. You see Casino’s are businesses, and whilst you want to make a profit yourself, you also have to understand that the Casino has to make a living too. So, whatever you do, the slots and table games are set to take a certain amount back from players. It’s the way of the game.

I had a friend back when I was a kid. His Mum & Dad bought him a fruit machine for his birthday. It was sort of an honour for the kids of the area to go back to his house and play it with him. I remember him showing exactly how it worked, and there were certain things on the machine that you could fiddle with to make it either more profitable for the user or take in more money for the slot machine.

We always knew that the machines were “rigged” as we called it when we were kids, but actually if you think about it realistically, an establishment has to keep the lights on so to speak. So naturally slot machines and table games are going to have to earn more than they give out. Think of it as they take in $100 but give $80 of that back out but keep $20 for themselves. That’s how it should work.

That’s how it works on online casinos too. If you’ve ever been playing a slot machine at the time (I use these because these are the easiest of examples) you’ll see that if you play them for long enough then your balance will slowly dwindle to zero. Of course, you might far exceed your original balance at certain points, but if you keep going it will take everything you’ve won back in again.

That’s not rigged of course. That’s called fair gaming. If you’re like me and tried to work out a system on some bitcoin Hi/lo games that have sometimes worked, eventually those systems will be patched, and you’ll end up losing everything. But it’s still not rigged of course, patching those sort of systems falls under the bracket of fair gaming. You can’t always win.

But don’t get me wrong. Not every Casino has played under the rules of fair play. There have been several instances where gaming and gambling has been rigged and the odds swayed in huge favour to the Casinos.

In January 2013, Hi/Lo and Reel Deel gambler were running fraudulent coin flip games that were scamming their users. They advertised to all their players that payouts were at 100% (which in understanding, there is no cut that goes towards the casino). But it was found out the casino was only paying out 96% to its users.

And that’s just one example in hundreds. You only need to search for examples of rigged online casinos in google to get thousands of results. It happens, and it’s the unfortunate thing with money, whenever something fair is created, never underestimate the power of some players to create an unfair advantage. I see it all the time when I’m gaming online. People cheat and are happy to do so.

But don’t let that hinder you. There are hundreds, if not thousands of reputable online casinos for you to look through and play with. I can personally say that I’ve never been scammed at a casino before in the one’s that I’ve been playing. Everything has been okay so far.