Why being an Ace Revenue casino affiliate can set you up for life

I’ve been an Ace Revenue affiliate for years now and it’s earning me a fair whack of my income. I always wanted to write, ever since I was a young lad. And since the rise of web 2.0 where literally anyone can start a blog and learn to write I was able to manifest those dreams onto screen. However, the trick bit was deciding what to write about and what avenue to go down.

That’s where my youth took me down warm sunny beaches, ice cream cones, and amusement arcades. I realised that I knew quite a bit about gambling, casino’s and online casinos, and this is where my journey took me – to ace revenue.

You see at ace revenue they look after the people that promote for them. Not only do you earn commission with first time sales, but you also earn commission on every other sale too. So, when you refer a customer over to one of their online casino’s you have them for life. Every time they deposit, you make an earning too. Think of how much cash that would earn you were you to snag say a hundred customers. Amazing, right?

But wait, now you’re thinking what if they win a jackpot, or if they manage to somehow get a negative balance? Wouldn’t that negatively impact your earnings from them? No, it doesn’t work like that at Ace Revenue; you earn only via deposit and that’s it, there’s nothing tying you to any mega win or bad outcome for the casino – that just wouldn’t be proper now would it?

And one of the most amazing things at being an ace revenue affiliate is that their customer support is excellent. Any problem and they will hand’s down support you in any way that they can. You’ll also be assigned an affiliate manager for extra support whenever you may need it, and they will reach out to you every so often in case you may need anything.

Most websites on the internet have affiliate links on them. If you think, some of the most valuable sites on the internet are those sending you or directing you to somewhere that you need. And that’s the trick of it all. Affiliate websites need to anticipate their customers need before they even join the website. That way there’s clear instructions and directions on where to go and what would satisfy them the most.

That’s where my online casino knowledge comes in best. I know the need of the customer. They are either looking to win something or be entertained. That way I can send them to the best promotions, or the best online casino games. There is literally something for every gambler in the world of casinos. My favourites have always been the slots. I like to sit and play them for an hour or two, and it entertains me a lot.

So, if you’re thinking about being a casino affiliate and you have some knowledge about gambling, or perhaps you’re a gambler yourself, then Ace Revenue is absolutely the best place for you. You’ll make a mint promoting and you won’t regret it.