A healthy mindset to have when playing online casino’s

If you’re like me and occasionally succumb to the darker side of gambling and forget who you are for an evening, this post is for you, and could perhaps help you, as this advice did me.

Only play with what you can afford to lose.

Gambling is so much safer when you only play with money you can afford to lose. Have a gambling account and only stock it with money that you would otherwise spend on a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes sometime down the road. That way if you lose it all then you’ll not have the cold sweats and worries about suddenly realising that the money you had spent was to pay off your child’s education. There have been times where I’ve sat at the slots sweating profusely because the money I’ve been playing with has been needed to pay rent or something like such. It leads to bad on the spot decisions and a place I’d rather not go to again. Don’t get me wrong – it will still suck to lose that money, but you won’t be attached to it as you are the rent money.

Don’t keep secrets from your family

Most of the time, and in my own relationship anyway, my wife and I are a unit. As are my family. If I fall down with my traits they are there to help me. If I keep them in the loop with what I’m doing every step of the way then they are aware and ready. I mean they don’t expect me to lose everything, but if I told them one day that I had done just that it wouldn’t come out as an outright shock. Relationships burn to the ground via secrets. Imagine if I came out to my wife tomorrow that I spent the rent money and I’m a gambling addict. It would be hard for her to hear that, but it wouldn’t be as bad if I hadn’t told her anything and came out of the blue with it. Oh, we can’t pay rent and I’m an addict. She’d be angry. So, keep them in the loop at all times.

You have the potential to become the addict, not the casino.

A lot of people try and blame gambling institutions for wrecking their lives; losing all that they had, or even obliterating marriages. But in a similar fashion you wouldn’t blame a gun for shooting people, no, you would blame the person controlling the gun. Like everything in the world, tools can be used for good, or bad. In a round about way an online casino can be a tool for endless safe enjoyment, or it can be an empty pit of despair and self-destruction. You have the choice on that, not the casino. If you think you can’t play without spending it all then don’t, and perhaps seek help!

Always keep in mind that you’ll never beat the casino

The house will always win. After all the online casino is a business too and they have to keep the lights on when we stop playing, right? So, remember in the end the house will always win. If you play for long enough you will always walk away with nothing. I learned that the very hard way. Learn to take breaks when you feel it’s not going your way, and also learn to walk away completely. Sometimes you don’t need to put in anymore. Today just isn’t your day, come back another time.