5 Ways to Surely Lose at Online Casinos and how to Change it for the better

If you’re a bit of a gambler like me then you’ll have had your fair share of losses to your favourite brand of casino. But I’m always trying to develop my style so that I become more efficient at what I’m doing. And yes, over the years I’ve done a few daft things that have helped me to lose a huge chunk of my wallet and end up crying into my porridge (I’m Scottish). So, I’ve tried to develop my character into a stronger, more robust, gambling machine.

There is a lot to be said about personal development. Perhaps not much is talked about via personal development with gambling as it isn’t seen as a healthy hobby to get involved with. I disagree though. People enjoy sky-diving, but again, there is a risk of the parachute failing and you plummeting to your death. The risk is there, and it’s far greater than losing a couple of dollars at the Casino.

With personal Development when it comes do gambling, I’ve had to learn to fix my mistakes. Of course, I don’t mean jumping in a time machine and correcting the errors of my ways, but accepting that the deeds are done now and that I just have to learn from that, try and not do it again, and of course move on from it. There’s no sense trying to fix what is already done, however you can implement safeguards for the future so that you don’t get caught again.

Let’s discuss them

Thinking you can beat the house

You’ll never, ever, ever, ever be able to beat the house. Period. If you jackpot and go looking for more wins then the house will always take it back again, always. I used to think I could beat the house. I even thought I knew the systems in place that I could beat. But no matter what you do, with whatever you try, the house will always win eventually. Learn to take your losses (or winnings) gracefully and come back another day. And if you cheat, you will probably not be able to get your winnings.

Being drunk, stoned, whatever whilst you play

Winning gamblers always play with a clear head. Don’t go sipping a bottle of vodka or smoking a joint whilst you go off to play on your favourite slot. I literally swear they are hoping you do this. It’s why there is copious amounts of alcohol flowing at real casinos. Drunk gamblers will always take higher risks and fear losses less. Stay sober, be sensible.

Playing alone

I guess it depends with the one on how robust you are as an individual, but I always enjoy playing with my friends because they tend to put the breaks on me when I’m being too ridiculous. Even when I’m rolling the slots on my favourite online casino, I enjoy having my wife beside me because she’ll surely slap me and pin me to the bed until I submit if I switch to $100 bets. When I play alone, I tend to be rasher and less levelheaded.

Using money you need

Don’t go ploughing in your rent money, or the kid’s graduation money, or even your retirement plan in the Casino. Not only because it’s universally stupid but you’re more likely to try and recuperate those loses. Throwing your last 100 on the idea that “it’s got to pay out now” is not a great plan. Use money that you don’t need, for instance money that you would usually use on a night out because you are less dependent on that and are more likely to let it go.

Not learning by your mistakes

Hey, don’t feel bad. Everyone does it. Especially when we’re young. I did all of the latter time and time again before I finally said, “no more” and I began to build upon the negative experiences that I’ve had and tried to work a way around these pitfalls. The trick is to be honest with yourself and be aware that you do them. And then you have the tools to make the changes for the better. And be a winner eventually! ?