5 Easy Ways to Win at an Online Casino

If you’re like me and are a bit of a psychology student, then you’ll know that there is no way to beat the online casino’s every time. If there was a way then we’d be winning all the money that we could, right? And even so, if you’re old enough to remember mob-ran casino’s like I am then you’d better not win too much!! Cheat them and you take a long walk off a short pier with lead boots.

But alas, things have changed, and for the knowledge that was available to the privileged few has now become accessible to most people, and you can learn whatever you wish to. How to work and manipulate people for instance.

So, with the large swathes of newly and freshly educated youngsters has came a new generation ripe for the picking. And boy have casinos utilised that. Fresh algorithms, anti-cheat mechanisms, you name it, your casino has probably got it installed, and coded by someone just like you.

Thankfully, I know how this kind of stuff works, and I’m going to break it down to you.

Understand that it’s just entertainment

Please never think of Casino’s as anything else but entertainment. If you see this as a full time income, then you’re going to meet an end very quickly. There are no systems, no cheat codes, nothing that will allow you to get one up on the casino. And if you do? Hey, they’ll check that shit before you withdraw. So, no funny business. Online casinos are for just that, entertainment. Of course, they are designed to pull you back in every time and feel like you are on the brink of a big win. That’s how they roll. It’s up to you to know when to quit.

Use only money that you don’t need.

Think of the money that you’re using as what you would use on a night out, or a splurge with friends. The less that you need this money then the safer with it you will be. The reason gambling can be so dangerous is that people will put in money that they will need for essentials and will be caught short trying to grab that “next big win.”

Also, you’re only going to keep playing with money that need back. If you need to break even to live and pay for stuff, then you really should think about why you’re gambling in the first place.

Learn when to quit

Are you down on your luck? Come back another day. The Casino’s aren’t going anywhere at all. In fact, when you come back they will still have the balance that you left with, and with any luck the Casino games that you were playing might have changed odds into your favour. I can always tell when a slot roller is in a collection cycle rather than a winning one. Know your boundaries and quit when it’s just not your day.

Learn to also quit whilst you’re ahead.

When I was a young boy, I had some massive wins in the past. I remember winning $10.00 on a 10c slot roller in the past, which for me was a mahoosive win. I could have taken those winnings and bought something nice and tangible for myself, something that reeked of a nice win. But nah, I put it all back in.

Sometimes $10 is all you’re going to get. Learn to take it and be happy that you have it.

Do all these and win at life

There is no quick fix and playing at online casino’s aren’t going to fix your financial problems, they’ll probably make them worse. But keep abreast of all that I’ve said, and you’ll drastically limit your losses, and also begin to have fun playing it.