4 things you won’t know about online casino’s if you’re new

Believe it or not I haven’t actually been gambling for the whole of my life. My first proper stint with an online casino was only ten years ago. Of course, to some that may seem like a millennia ago, but to a lot of you that isn’t much time at all, especially when I’ve known about the existence of online gambling since the internet practically started.

I remember my first brush with the internet. It was 1996, about two years after inception; html coders would drive Porsches because they were few and elite at the time. We were college kids sat in a room with computers that took longer to load a picture than it did to call our family in Australia. Brand new technology and we couldn’t believe our eyes. That day we were kicked out for watching porn and finding the roulette tables and never allowed back in without supervision again.

But we learned about online gambling that day. And so essentially, I’ve been aware of online gambling for about 24 years. Long time, isn’t it? Bet you thought your flashy new Casino is a recent thing. But actually, it’s been built on through years of testing. I remember watching my friend playing the Casino’s in 2001. Even back then I thought it was flashy and new.

So, what do you probably not know?

Casino’s are primarily designed for entertainment

I can see you laughing at this sentiment – I mean who would do this stuff for total enjoyment, right? But ask yourself this. Would you put your money in something that you weren’t having a lot of fun playing? Would you just put your money in a box, and risk there only being a low percentage chance that it would come back out again and with more? No, you’d think I was insane for even asking you this. That’s why they are designed to be entertaining. If you didn’t enjoy it, you wouldn’t use it.

Despite all the stigma they ARE designed to be addictive

Yes, there’s no if’s or buts about it, these games are designed to have you sweating on the edge of your seat for as long as you play them. But then what game or internet application isn’t? Think of it this way. Facebook employs addiction specialists to keep people engaged and clicking. You CAN actually take computing combined with psychology as a progression route in university, and as a result one of the avenues you can go into is keeping people hooked on their screens. So, watch out, they are designed to keep you there.

They are also designed to make you think that you’re “one step ahead of the casino”

Poorly designed games will whip your money off you in no time when they are in a collecting cycle. They’ll just drop a few wins here and there but ultimately having you lose your pot in no time at all. You just stop playing those games, don’t you?

Do you have a favourite slot? There’s a reason for that. The really well designed slots will gradually and slowly take that money away from you in their collection cycles. It will take you to your last dollar and then give you a big win, but you won’t break even, oh no, it’ll be a bit short. But you’ve got this, you know how these work. You’ll need to recoup those loses so you better keep playing! And it’ll do this until you have slowly lost it all. Smart – just watch out for it.

Don’t end up winning “too much”

I’m not saying don’t go for big wins, of course, but don’t actually try and cheat the casino, because they have so many detection algorithms that it’s hard to breathe if you’re trying to be a bit cheaty. Even still, if you get away with it, they have a percentage bar they tend to keep of how much you are taking from them. If you’re taking more than the Casino normally allows for then you’ll likely be under investigation faster than you know it, and you won’t get the money out. Bad things happen why you try to cheat online Casinos, trust me.